Initial Consultation

When a potential client is considering engaging our services, normally the first action would be to conduct an onsite meeting. This initial meeting is free and without obligation.

We meet on site with the owners of the property or the instigators of the project, discuss the requirements of the client and the potential of the project. We will then explain and discuss:

  • The service required which we can provide.
  • The planning implications, including listed buildings and projects within a conservation area.
  • The onsite restrictions, if any, such as trees, soil conditions, protected species etc.
  • The technical implications, such as structural, thermal, services etc.
  • The client’s initial ideas and offer comment with our own thoughts.

Following this meeting we will compile a ‘File Note’ detailing the main points raised at the meeting. Should we be engaged to carry out the proposed work, this file note will then form the basis of our client brief for our work and upon receiving the instruction to go ahead, will be checked and strengthened with the client.

A proposal is then prepared for our work on the project, tailored to the client’s individual needs. This enables us to fully detail our proposed work and the fees we will charge for this work, also to detail the costs or approximate costs of 3rd party support, for example Structural Engineers fees and Local Authority fees such as the planning application submission costs.

Once presented with the proposal it is for the potential client to decide whether to engage our services or not, obviously we hope they do, but the potential client at this stage is under no obligation whatsoever, to do so.

If you require further information or would like to arrange a consultation, please get in touch. Contact us.

Architecture Consultation, Sudbury, Suffolk

Architecture Consultation, Sudbury, Suffolk