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Residential Developments

Delivering Residential Developments from Planning Applications to Designing Projects in Essex and Suffolk

Gaining Planning Permission for single or multiple new dwellings can be a rewarding process. We have the experience to work on projects up to a total of 9 dwellings and on sites that are less than half a hectare. This criterion is the classification of a ‘Minor Residential Application’.

We are experienced and are able to design and coordinate such a project, working with you the client, a competent Planning Consultant, and any 3rd party support as the project requires.

Our involvement will result in a development that provides the community with a valuable supply of unique dwellings, which are well integrated with each other and the surroundings, beautifully designed and laid out to suit modern life. The site layout will be essential to achieve a fluent road and access connection. Landscaping and planting will also be important for Ecology and the Biodiversity Net gain (BNG).

There are many key areas to consider on such a development, including Planning Policy, Heritage, Ecology, Flooding, Highways, Biodiversity and more. We have both knowledge and access to experts in all these fields.

The information will be well presented and easy for all to understand. 3D images can also be prepared for the ultimate way to show the proposals, this is of particular benefit when viewed by members of the public.

We can assist the client with other elements of the planning process, such as coordinating with their legal representative on S106 agreements, or where relevant, liaising with the Infrastructure team over the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Why choose Optimum Architecture

  • Comprehensive service: We have the experience to guide you through the whole process of assembling, and working with the team of 3rd party support and consultants.
  • Proven Track Record: Our history of successfully completing numerous Residential Developments in Suffolk and North Essex.
Residential Developments
Residential Developments
Residential Developments

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