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New detached, Low energy, High performance, contemporary dwelling.

Project: New detached, Low energy, High performance, contemporary dwelling.

Location: Sudbury, Suffolk.

A modern family dwelling with views and easy access to the Sudbury water meadows and the river Stour.

The designed property is a sustainable 4 bedroom detached dwelling with a contemporary cartlodge and garage.

The requirements for this project were to design a house that fits comfortably within the street scene, whilst being Low energy, High performance and contemporary in design.

The dwelling will be Super-insulated, will use MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery), will have high performance doors and windows, as well as energy efficent detailing, all achieving a Low energy standard.

The green roof to the cartlodge and garage promotes wildlife biodiversity, and the large discreet array of photovoltaic solar panels add further to the sustainable benefits of the project.

The master bedroom has a stylish balcony with views across the meadows and the river Stour. It has a ground floor bedroom with ensuite allowing for easy access for any occupants. The kitchen/diner is open plan with lots of natural light, a study and cosy snug.

A contemporary family home in a superb setting with beautiful views. It will be warm and comfortable to live in, economical to run, and environmentally friendly for years to come.

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